Benefits of Ozonated Water and Prostate Cancer

by Tom M
(Downey, CA)

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer almost 2 years ago. I had my prostate gland removed.

One and a half years later my psa count started to go up. My doctor said I still have the cancer cells in my body and they will be monitoring me every 3 months for the remainder of my life.

I heard about the ozonated water and once I was given the news I started to drink approximately four 8-ounce glasses of water daily.

After 3 months I revisited the doctor and my psa went down and now he says I do not have cancer.

He says my psa has only one way to go if I have cancer and that is up, not down. My psa was .3 and now .2 and that .2 or less is considered as 0.

I plan to continue to drink the ozonated water and in 3 months I will see how it is going.

Tom M

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Jun 25, 2016

Hi I have been drinking water(FILTERED WITH PUR FILTER) AND %35 FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN peroxide diluted to %3, Add one or two drops of %3 to 8oz water. Read about the this online. Been taking for 6 years and get prostate checked every two years instead of one. I am 65 yrs old

Nov 20, 2012
Ozonated Water and Gout Arthritis and Blood Problem
by: joel plucena

My wife used to suffer from gout arthritis with rheumatism since she was in high school. She used medicines of all kinds including valium to ease the pain but nothing happened.

In 2003 we bought our ozonator and started drinking ozone treated water on a daily basis until now.

The result is astonishing, she no longer complains of pain from her condition.

My sons' lives were also saved by drinking ozonated water. In 2003 they had serious blood problem. Blotches all over their body. Platelets below boundary.

Doctors' solution: BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT. 50/50 chance of survival. How much? Very expensive.

When we bought the ozonator, we never knew that it can help our kids conditions. But you know what? It totally turned their health to better.

Drinking oxygen-rich water through ozonization made the difference. They are very strong and healthy boys since then. No other therapy done.

We changed our water and eventually our diet and that was it. You can contact me for more if you wish to. My email is

Aug 02, 2012
Good news!
by: Nancy

Tom, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with drinking ozonated water. I am sure it will be encouraging to others who are dealing with cancer or who have other major health challenges -- especially when good news is often hard to come by.

You mentioned that you had your prostrate gland removed when you were first diagnosed, but did you have any of the traditional medical treatments such as chemo or radiation?

I am asking this because you have experienced fairly quick results. I have found that whether or not a person has had chemo or radiation can make a difference in how fast he or she sees positive results with natural modalities.

I was wondering if there were any other changes you made at the same time that you started drinking ozonated water? In other words, was drinking ozonated water just one part of your healing protocol or was it the only significant change you made?

Did you change your diet at all?

Also, I was wondering what type of ozonated water you are drinking. Did you purchase an ozonated water system for your home?

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