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Aug 24, 2014

Ozonated water for cleaning and drinking

I use ozonated water for cleaning all around my house... dishes, floor (tile, wood, or plastic), furniture, walls in wood or painted, cool box, every thing

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Aug 22, 2014

Does hot water destroy minerals in salt?

If you put Himalayan crystal salt into hot water, just under boiling temperature, will the minerals and trace elements be destroyed? Nancy's Answer:

Continue reading "Does hot water destroy minerals in salt?"

Aug 14, 2014

Water Nutrition - The Foundation of Good Health

Water nutrition is fundamental to the health and survival of human life. Water is an essential nutrient and assists in utilization of nutrients from food.

Continue reading "Water Nutrition - The Foundation of Good Health"

Aug 08, 2014

Lemon Water During Pregnancy

Hello, I am in my first trimester and having a constipation problem. Is it safe to drink whole lemon in hot water every morning and does it help with constipation?

Continue reading "Lemon Water During Pregnancy"

Aug 08, 2014

Simple Food Combining - 5 Guidelines for Optimal Health

Simple food combining guidelines for optimum digestion of food and utilization of nutrients.

Continue reading "Simple Food Combining - 5 Guidelines for Optimal Health"

Aug 02, 2014

Can lemon water relieve gas?

Can lemon water help with bad gas? I would just like to know if lemon in water helps gas as I keep getting gas and abdomen pains, trapped wind, etc.

Continue reading "Can lemon water relieve gas?"

Aug 02, 2014

Fleur de Sel de Guérande

I use Fleur de Sel de Guérande. I travel a lot for work so I am able to buy it in France. Is that OK? ANSWER: Yes, as long as what you are getting is

Continue reading " Fleur de Sel de Guérande"

Jul 23, 2014

Body Oxygenation for Health and Vitality - 4 How To's

Healthy cells in the human body require adequate levels of oxygen for cellular respiration and growth. 4 simple body oxygenation tips.

Continue reading "Body Oxygenation for Health and Vitality - 4 How To's"

Jul 23, 2014

Ozonated Water in Europe - Weight Gain and Joint Problems

I have been living in a place were the water is ozonated. The benefits: kills bacteria nearly in 100% less infection but the overall side effects after

Continue reading "Ozonated Water in Europe - Weight Gain and Joint Problems"

Jul 17, 2014

6 Tips for Weight Loss - Raise Metabolism and Restore Balance

Our top tips for weight loss are designed to help raise metabolism and restore hormonal balance.

Continue reading "6 Tips for Weight Loss - Raise Metabolism and Restore Balance"

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